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Business Transformation Today is the digital publishing company designed for SAP customer C Suite/Sr. Executives, Line of Business and IT managers, providing intelligence for management decisions for competitive advantage in the digital economy. The intelligence is served via subscriptions to customized interactive dashboards, problem-solving digital forums, and executive focus group roundtables. BTT's intelligence helps SAP customers enhance organizational value, reduce risk, and compete in the disruptive digital economy.

The West Trax / BTT partnership is designed for SAP customers to use the new BTT digital intelligence to take the first step on the journey to SAP HANA and S/4HANA - the automated migration assessment. BTT's intelligence dashboard helps SAP customers understand West Trax benchmarks, the maturity assessment model for their SAP system landscape, fit gaps, and business values. The BTT dashboard is integrated with the West Trax cloud app, to create cost-effective SAP customer efficiencies.

BTT Business Transformation Today
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BTT Business Transformation Today and In-Memory Apps Institute
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